Sinkhole the size of an SUV remains at La Jolla couple's home: City hopes to repair by 2015

Sinkhole opened in 2010

LA JOLLA, Calif. - The view of the Pacific Ocean from the front door of Jim Jones home in La Jolla is breathtaking, but the view from the driveway is another story.

"It's quite a bit of a hazard, you know, anything could happen. If someone were to fall in, it would be, um, quite a fall," said Jones son Jim Jones, Jr.

Jones is talking about a huge sinkhole in the driveway of the home he grew up in. His parents, who still live there, bought it in 1982.

"We just need this to be a chapter in the past, and it's been a real pain," said Jones, Jr.

The sinkhole is about 25 feet long, 12 feet across and at least 7 feet deep. It even left the electrical line to the home exposed.

Jones' sister's car was parked right in the area and fell into the sinkhole during a heavy rainstorm in December 2010.

The heavy rains caused the storm drain on Jones' street -- El Camino del Teatro -- to leak and burst. Most of the drain is underground along a 10-foot public right-of-way that runs next to the Jones' property.

The city of San Diego says they'll repair the sinkhole, but they expect the completion date to be summer 2015. The city's plan is to replace it with a more durable concrete pipe.

City leaders and engineers were at the home earlier in the week and told Jones that permits to complete the work were delayed due to environmental laws. Engineers have already marked the areas for the new pipe, however.

Jones' parents are in their 80s and the 17,000 square foot lot has a lot of landscaping to maintain and over 30 steps to the front door so they want to sell the home, something they wanted even before this happened.

"They're older people living in a big property like that, and to take care of the gardening to take care of the all of that, it's just too much for them and they need to simplify their life so they need to move and this has made it really difficult for them," said Jones.

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