Water main break causes sinkhole on North Harbor Drive in Point Loma

EB lanes expected to reopen at about noon on Wed.

SAN DIEGO - A portion of the eastbound lanes of North Harbor Drive in Point Loma have been closed due to a sinkhole in the area.

The sinkhole was reported on North Harbor Drive near Laning Road and Nimitz Boulevard shortly after 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to police. The sinkhole is about 10 feet by 15 feet in size.

A portion of North Harbor Drive near Nimitz Boulevard crumbled as 10News cameras were rolling Tuesday night. Below the surface, the San Diego Water Department says a 16-inch cast iron pipe broke. Water bubbled to the surface until it started gushing out. Minutes later, the street was flooded.

Quinton Coley, a Navy sonar technician, told 10News, "We saw it, it was crazy! We were just walking right past it and the whole thing just sunk in."

"You can imagine how dangerous that would be if cars kept driving over that thing and it was just water only, and you can imagine if someone actually drove into that and how disastrous that could be," said San Diego police Lt. Paul Phillips. He credits no one getting hurt to the person who called it in immediately.

Police shut down the eastbound lanes of North Harbor Drive between Scott Street and Laning Road, detouring traffic onto Nimitz Boulevard.

Surprisingly, the nearby Navy base, a Holiday Inn, Lindbergh Field and all the surrounding restaurants still have water.

When 10News asked why, we were told the water main break happened at the end of a water line, meaning crews could isolate the shutoff to that one line, sparing the businesses and thousands of people in the area.

This is the second major sinkhole caused by a water main break recently. On Monday, a giant crater was created at one of the entrances to MCAS Miramar, causing major traffic backups.

The water department estimates crews will have the water pipe repaired and the street reopened at about noon on Wednesday.

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