Simulator Shows Teen Drivers Texting Dangers

Study: More Than 40% Of Teens Say They Text & Drive

Students at Hilltop High School used a driving simulator Monday to show just how dangerous texting and driving is.

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AT&T and local law enforcement agencies teamed up as part of a national tour to remind teens that their text message can wait.

“We are going to be having graduation and prom. Kids sometimes, their focus is somewhere other than it should be,” a local law enforcement officer said.

The group of students were placed, one-by-one, in a car with a virtual reality headset and were asked to drive the length of a football field at 25 mph while texting.

The end result saw that even the best texters couldn’t do it while driving.

One student thought she passed only to realize she was speeding while texting. Another student hit a dog while driving the course.

A female student told 10News, “I could possible injure myself and others. It would be hard on my family and friends.”

According to a new study, more than 40 percent of teens admit they text and drive.

In 2010, 10 teenagers in San Diego County were killed in car crashes and many more were injured.

The students that went through the driving simulator Monday said after realizing how dangerous it is, they refuse to be part of those statistics.

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