Silver Star awarded to Camp Pendleton Marine Staff Sgt. Timothy Williams

Williams credited for saving fellow Marine

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. - A Camp Pendleton Marine received the Silver Star, the military's third-highest award for heroism, for saving the life of a fellow Marine.

In July 2012, Staff Sgt. Tim Williams was part of a joint Marine-Afghan army patrol in Afghanistan when they were surrounded by 20 Taliban fighters.

"We were taking fire from three different directions," said Marine Staff Sgt. Jason Pennock, the team leader that day. "The bullets shattered my femur and spun me around into a canal full of water. I had to use my right arm to keep my head above water."

Williams, the assistant team leader, sprinted across 60 meters of open ground -- while under fire -- to get to Pennock, and came under fire again as he carried him to a medical evacuation zone.

"I think he saved his own life by training me to do what I did, so a lot of what he thinks he owes me, I owe him," Williams said.

Williams also received a Purple Heart after he was injured by a roadside bomb later in the deployment.

As part of the Silver Star ceremony held on Tuesday, Williams also re-enlisted.

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