Sidewalk retaining wall in Golden Hill area may be on verge of collapse

SAN DIEGO - A retaining wall in the Golden Hill area may be on the verge collapsing, and a local building inspector says he received no response from the city when he notified them of the problem.

Resident Jessica McGrevin walks past the wall on C and 28th streets twice a day. She told 10News, "It kind of looks like it's just going to fall off. It's a little intimidating to walk by."

It was hard to capture with a camera exactly how much the wall is leaning, but it was enough to catch the attention of building inspector Erhard Gajewski as he drove by.

Gajewski said, "There's potential for this wall to come down."

Gajewski told 10News there's no way to tell when the wall could collapse, but he didn't even want to stand next to it while he talked to reporter Itica Milanes.

"I don't want to be too close to it. Well, who knows when it's going to go," he added.

Gajewski said he called the city of San Diego's Code Enforcement to put it on their radar, but he hasn't heard back from anyone.

10News called and spoke with a Code Enforcement officer, who said he came out and took pictures of the wall Wednesday. The officer described the wall as very alarming and scary but doesn't think it's going to collapse right away. He did promise to have an engineer come check it out.

The Code Enforcement officer said he'll contact the property owner and send them a notice to have the wall repaired immediately.

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