Oak Park barbershop owner killed in shooting: Family says victim had turned his life around

SAN DIEGO - The 32-year-old owner of an Oak Park barbershop was shot and killed at his workplace Friday, and his assailant was at large.

The gunfire erupted at the business at 54th and Redwood streets shortly before 11:30 a.m., according to San Diego police.

Lt. Brent Williams of the San Diego Police Department's Homicide Unit said a male suspect entered the business, approached the victim and fired several rounds.

The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene, he said.

A relative identified him to reporters as Lamar Canady, a father of four and owner of the shop.

Officers fanned out through the area in search of the unidentified shooter. No arrests had been announced as of Saturday morning.

The suspect was described as black with a medium complexion and wearing a dark shirt and shorts, baseball cap and white shoes.

Canady's family told 10News reporter Rielle Creighton the date may have played a role in his death. They say Canady, a father of four including a newborn, was killed after he had changed his life.

"He gave back to us. We gave back to him. This is how he supported us," said a cousin referencing the barbershop Canady had opened in January.  

The cousin told 10News the shop, "Official Cutz," was helping others get back on their feet and giving them jobs.

Canady's aunt, Audrey Brooks, said, "Lamar was an ambitious person. He had a lot of goals in life. Wonderful family, beautiful mom, loving father and four beautiful children."

Photos on Canady's Twitter page show another side of him, holding up what appeared to be gang signs.

A well-known aspiring rapper, his music was even more revealing. "All the Crips came out that night, all the Crips came out that night" are lyrics to a song by the same name.  

His family says he used to be in a gang but had not been a member of the Crips in more than two years. However, they do believe his slaying was retaliation.

"This is the day Bloods go looking for Crips," said a cousin who did not want to be identified.

Friday, May 9 is known among gangs as "Hoova Day," a day affiliated with retribution.

It did not matter, according to family, that for Canady, that was in the past.

"He wasn't in a gang no longer but still there are consequences," said the cousin. "He had turned his own life around and this is the price you pay."

A number of distraught people crowded the area following the shooting, trying to get past police crime-scene tape and yelling at news crews.

One woman screamed, "He had children he took care of he took care of his mother. He was a good man. They die in the street because you people don't care! Police don't care!"

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