Shots fired during robbery at Walmart in Oak Park

SAN DIEGO - For the second time in six months, an Oak Park Walmart has been hit by an armed robber.

The incident occurred inside the store at about 10 p.m. Tuesday at 3412 College Ave. when one of the clerks was held up at a register. According to police, the suspect approached one of the clerks and demanded cash. However, when a second clerk approached him with a cash drawer, he turned the gun towards her and grabbed the drawer.

Police say the gunman fired two shots into the ceiling and possibly a third shot that hit a window. 10News was told that he used a small caliber handgun.

A customer described the chaotic scene.

"Heard the first gunshot and people backed away from the register and started running from the opposite direction and then heard one more and I turned around and started running," said Maylen Blackmon.

The robber, who was described as a heavy-set black male, ran across the parking lot and then left in a Mustang, according to police.

No one was injured, and the amount of loss is unknown.

A similar robbery and shooting occurred at the same Walmart in November of 2013. No one was hurt in that incident.

In the Nov. 23 robbery, the suspect also approached a clerk and demanded cash. When the clerk did not move fast enough, the suspect fired a round into the ceiling.

Early Wednesday morning, a San Diego Police Department watch commander told 10News that investigators were unsure if the two robberies were connected. 

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