Security asks shoppers waiting outside El Cajon Best Buy to leave

Shoppers waiting for Black Friday sale to start

EL CAJON, Calif. - The shoppers lined up at an El Cajon Best Buy more than a week early  in anticipation for the stores' Black Friday sale have been asked to leave the property.

On Wednesday, Rhiannon Buckingham told 10News she lined up because she wanted to make sure she got the best deal.

"Last year, I came on Tuesday and I was 17th in line," she said. "They only had 15 TVs."

Buckingham was one of the early birds waiting in line as early as Wednesday for a flat screen television. This year, she said she planned to sleep in her chair outside of the Best Buy and switch out with friends until the store's Black Friday sale on the morning of Nov. 23.

However, on Thursday, management at the El Cajon Best Buy store told 10News mall security demanded the women leave the property and come back on Thanksgiving.

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