Police have identified the suspect who was shot by an officer in El Cajon

Incident occured in East Main St, El Cajon Blvd

EL CAJON - A police patrol officer in pursuit of a man he says was illegally riding his bicycle on the sidewalk, opens fire when he sees the man reach into his waistband.

The incident was reported at 9:30 a.m. Friday at a Best Car4U lot in the 1300 block of East Main Street in El Cajon.

Roy Mattingly told 10News that he was at the scene and yelled from across the street.

“Don't kill that man!  You ain't got no right shooting that man.  He's on a bicycle, good Lord.  He ain't got a weapon,” Mattingly  said.

But police said Raymond Goodlow was armed. 

El Cajon Police Lt. Tim Henton told reporters, “Two knives were found with Goodlow's pants that had been cut off of him by paramedics.”

Pat Rearden was just outside the fence of the used car lot.  He said he saw the man reach into his belt as the officer pursued him.

"Pulled the gun on him, told him to stop and get down on the ground multiple times, and the guy refused to comply and finally the officer shot at him," Rearden said.

Angela Littleton lives nearby. 

“I heard one gunshot then I heard five more gunshots; boom, boom, boom, right after the other,” said Littleton.

Jesse Berg was another witness. 

“He shot him three or four times. He took off running into the car lot, saying, 'He shot me, he shot me.  Help me, someone help me," Berg said.

One bullet hit Goodlow in the face, while another errant shot went through the rear side window of a Range Rover on the sales lot of Best Car 4 U.

Henton said it's not unusual to make a bicycle traffic stop.

“People are stopped quite often for riding on the sidewalk,” he said.

When 10News asked about two officer-involved shootings in the county in two days, Henton  replied, “Officers are certainly not trigger-happy.”

Reardon was certain the officer had cause to fear a weapon.

“He was trying to ditch something, then it was a cat and mouse game around all the cars.  Cop's trying to find him and shoot him,” said Reardon.

Neighbors didn't like the man they knew as Black. They called him "intimidating" and "belligerent."

Littleton added, “I've seen him and I don't like to be near.  Either he's hassling people or he's creeping around.”

Frank McDermott said, “He was more than asking for trouble; some people ask for trouble, he was advertising.  He was selling it.  Personal thoughts? He got what was coming to him -- absolutely!”

Authorities said Goodlow is in stable condition after surgery.

Police said he’s not under arrest, but is likely he's facing charges of resisting an officer.  

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