Sheriff's deputy's undercover role in multi-school drug bust

Deputy posed as high school student

SAN DIEGO - On Tuesday, 10News showed you the major undercover drug operation at several San Diego schools that took years to pull off.

Tonight at 11 p.m., 10News reporter Preston Phillips talks to a female deputy from the San Diego County Sheriff's Department in her 20s who posed as a student and witnessed numerous open discussions on campus about drug use.

She also tells 10News how easy it was for her to gain access to drugs on campus, simply by wearing certain clothing.

Also, 10News learns more about the major role the undercover deputy says social media is playing on campus, including everything from sharing pictures of hard drugs on Twitter and Facebook to arranging drug deals.

She also tells 10News how easy it was for her to fit in and go completely undetected, never being found out by students or the administration.

Watch 10News reporter Preston Phillips' report tonight at 11 p.m.

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