Shark diver details South Africa cage attack caught on camera

Bryan Plummer's video reaches 2M views on YouTube

SAN DIEGO - A man who filmed a video of a close encounter with a great white shark is sharing new insight into the frightening moments.

Photos emailed to 10News show Bryan Plummer out of the water after a stint inside a shark diving cage off South Africa on March 21.

He then grabbed his phone to shoot some video when a great white shark swims by the tuna bait and slams through the cage.

Amid the shouts, there is what appears to be blood.

"It was just panic and a lot of confusion," said Plummer, who spoke to 10News via Skype from South Africa.

Plummer then uttered an unusual curse. Seconds later, it becomes clear that the man in the cage, who was on his honeymoon, is OK and shouts of relief are heard.

The blood may have come from the shark's mouth as it thrust into the cage.

"It was really quick thinking; he was able to get underneath and hold his breath," said Plummer.

Plummer posted the video on YouTube. Four days later, it's received some 2 million views.

Some experts who've seen the video say the shark had gone into a feeding frenzy.  

A local shark diving operator said the shark may have simply missed the bait.

"If they have the momentum and miss [a] target, they keep going straight. It's very rare, but it happens," said Doc Anes, owner of San Diego Shark Diving.

San Diegan Suzi Woodruff Lacey's daughter is dating Plummer, the man who shouted the curse heard 'round the internet.

"I found it hysterical. Now that's trending. His curse words are trending," said Woodruff Lacey.

"I still get red-faced every time it comes up," said Plummer.

Minutes after the encounter, Plummer decided to go back into the cage to cap off his first shark dive.    

"I figured what are the chances it would happen a second?" said Plummer.

Watch the video here:

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