Sex toy shop's mobile advertisement upsetting nearby church

John Byrd advertising his business on van

SAN DIEGO - A local businessman uses his van as a moving billboard to sell sex toys. But when that van is parked outside his Pacific Beach home, neighbors do not like it, especially the church that is next door.

Businessman John Byrd loves his work van that he keeps parked on his street in Pacific Beach. He has even nicknamed it.

"I present to you, 'Little Creepy,' the 1970s Ford Econoline," said Byrd.

The van works as a billboard and nearly demands attention.

"They tell you in business 101, if you can say what you do in the name of your business, you're winning," said Byrd. He owns Dildo Dr., which sells sex toys.  

He added, "On the highway, I'll have people slow down. The funniest thing is when you see people going past you at 75 or 80 and they slam on the brakes to take pictures."

However, the novelty has proven thin for Byrd's neighbors, a Christian church with an annex called God's Garage. When street parking is limited, Byrd's van can sometimes be found in front of God's Garage.

"I think our society now is so quick to judge people that they want to argue," he said.

God's Garage is a meeting place for recovering addicts, and one of the rules of AA is that you don't get involved in public controversy.

But not everyone was shy. Some members told 10News they hate the van.

"You know, if you're mad at what I'm doing... get mad," said Byrd. "But don't get in my face, curse at me, grab me in your bar or establishment and curse me out 18 times."

He says he deals with that treatment all over town and despite the hostility, loves the attention.

Byrd, who is the son of a preacher's daughter, said that there are several places in town that will not serve him if he parks the van outside. The church told 10News he is welcome anytime.



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