Sex Expert: Woods Shows Sex Addiction Signs

A La Jolla clinical psychologist and board-certified sexologist said although golfer Tiger Woods never called himself a sex addict during his public statement Friday, he shows signs that he is one.

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    "It's hard for me to admit I need help, but I do," said Woods.

    Denise Silbert said there are different kinds of sex addicts, but Woods is definitely one of them.

    "He's having a problem and acting out his internal conflict through sex, so yes, it is a legitimate thing," said Silbert.

    Silbert added that not everyone agrees on the definition of a sex addict. While many understand addiction to gambling or being addicted to drugs, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (also known as the DSM) states sex addiction is not a disease because no substance is involved. She said a majority of those afflicted are men.

    "Well, what makes it an addiction is somehow, at least in the terminology that the mass media is using and many of the treatment centers, is that it's interfering with your life big time. And that indeed is what happened to Tiger," said Silbert.

    "My failures have made me look at myself in a way I've never had to before," Woods said.

    Silbert said there are many forms of sexual addiction, which appears to be a compulsive disorder. In order to get to the root cause, Silber said, "You really need to figure out what it is about the internal saboteurs about yourself that you're trying to mess up your life."

    She said going for 45 days of rehabilitation is not the end, but a beginning.