Several San Diegans to be among crowd attending public inauguration ceremony in Washington DC

SAN DIEGO - Several San Diegans will be among the crowd attending President Obama's public inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C. on Monday.

"I have to tell you that it is pretty exciting," said Rory Pendergast, the vice president of San Diego County's Young Democrats.

Pendergast is in Washington D.C. this weekend, taking his place among hundreds of thousands who will attend President Barack Obama's second inauguration.

"Coming here beforehand, you're caught up in life, caught up in work, you're doing a bunch of stuff… but you land here, you see the people and you see the excitement... it truly is exciting," he said.

Coronado High School senior Bianca Valle is also there.

"We started in Gettysberg on Friday," she told 10News. "We will end our trip with the inauguration tomorrow here in Washington D.C."

She and other fellow classmates from her U.S. government class are on a five-day trip experiencing history firsthand.

"It is history and I will be able to tell my children that I attended this and hopefully it'll be in the history books so I can say that I was a witness to this exciting event," she said.

The private, official swearing in took place earlier Sunday in the Blue Room at the White House. The public, ceremonial swearing in will take place Monday at the U.S. Capitol.

About 800,000 people are expected on the National Mall to watch the public inauguration ceremony, which is far fewer than the approximately 1.8 million who watched Obama take the oath of office four years ago.

Members of Congress are allotted tickets for admittance to the seated and standing room viewing areas to distribute to constituents. Most do so through a lottery system.

"Each representative gets about 150 to 160 tickets they get to give away," said Pendergast.

He added,  "I think as time goes on into tonight, into tomorrow morning that it's just going to get even more exciting."

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