Seriously burned puppy healing quickly but facing new challenge

'Burnie' taken to Chula Vista Animal Care facility

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - A 7-month-old puppy that was seriously burned is thriving but is now facing a new issue.

You'd never know it by looking at him on Tuesday, but a playful 7-month old puppy at the Chula Vista Animal Care facility was badly burned by either a chemical or hot liquid three weeks ago.

"Looks like it was something that dripped down… that dripped down his sides and dripped down his left arm," said veterinarian Juli Maher.

The puppy was nicknamed "Burnie" by the staff. He was covered with angry red sores when someone mysteriously dropped him off at the shelter just before Thanksgiving.

Officials say they are doubtful they will ever know who did it or why, but Maher says they do know little Burnie is beating expectations.

"He's doing great," she said. "He's healed so fast. He healed amazingly fast. We're all shocked."

She also said he is not expected to have any long-term medical problems and his fur is already growing back.

"It doesn't look like it's deeply scarred so it should grow back in just fine," Maher said.

Burnie is already off his medication but the bigger hurdle has been finding the terrier mix a forever family. Adoption counselor Linda Septon said she is surprised more people have not stepped forward to try to adopt Burnie. Though he will not have scars on the outside, Septon hopes people will not think Burnie is scarred on the inside.

"We haven't seen any type of fearfulness or anything because of the trauma he went through, "she said, "He loves cats. He thinks cats are his friends. He thinks other dogs are his friends."

His constantly wagging tail makes it clear he also loves people. Like any puppy, he is high energy and will need a family ready for that.

"A family that can deal with that high energy, do all the puppy training, the chewing, the house training," said Septon. "Hopefully, we'll find his right family before the holidays because he's all ready to go."

Maher said the rest of Burnie's fur should grow back in another month or two.

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