Serial flasher targeting women in Winding Walk neighborhood of Chula Vista

Getting bolder as the weeks go by

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Chula Vista police are on the lookout for a serial flasher. 

Five women have reported being approached by a naked man in recent weeks. Each attack occurred between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. in the Winding Walk neighborhood. The latest occurred last Wednesday.

Chula Vista police Lt. Fritz Reber told 10News that the most recent victim was sitting on a park bench. 

"She hears a noise, looks up and sees right in front of her a man who's completely exposed," Reber said. "He didn't say much and she got up and ran."

Another victim who did not want to be identified from the week before and a few blocks away told 10News about her brush with the flasher.

"Out of nowhere, he just, like, pops out of like a bush," she said. "I just kept walking and then when I turned around and saw that he was still following me, that's when I decided I needed to call the cops."

Chula Vista police posted indecent exposure warning fliers, though several have already been ripped down. Neighbors are getting worried.

Yvette Casillas is one.

"It is pretty scary," she said. "I have warned my kids about it. They are aware. They do know."

Rosa McManus was walking her dog. 

"I'm not scared but I am concerned about neighbors, especially those who have young children," she said.

Chula Vista police have a rough description: a young Hispanic man with short hair and maybe 5 feet 4 inches with a thin build.

Their worry is that he is starting to escalate, like he has been building up his courage.

Reber drove home the point. 

"This last incident … the person was right up on her, within inches from her so it appears he's getting closer and closer and more brazen," he said.

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