Wooden pallets fall from semi-trailer truck, prompting closure of Ash St offramp from south SR163

SAN DIEGO - Authorities shut down the Ash Street offramp from south state Route 163 in Downtown San Diego after wooden pallets fell from the back of a semi-trailer truck Thursday.

The incident happened at 7:30 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol.

Thousands of pounds of wood fell from the truck as it was making its way up the ramp.

Sgt. Dan Kyle with the California Highway Patrol said removing the wooden pallets and the truck would be tricky because they're working against gravity. 

"Big boxes could come rolling out, so we're going to be very cautious when the off-loading procedure takes place," said Kyle.

10News spoke with the truck driver who said that after 30 years of hauling loads, this was a first.

"It's too steep for what I was carrying, especially being on wheels," said David Trinidad of Trinidad Trucking.

He said the truck was loaded in Chino and he was heading to Horton Plaza.

Trinidad said he was grateful that no one was injured.

“Amazing how there were no cars behind me,” he said. “When it happened, that was my worry. I got out of the truck and was thinking, ‘God, I hope there’s nobody hurt."

Carrie Lechowicz witnessed the incident.

“I heard this huge boom and then it was like a ‘Ba-boom, boom, boom,'" said Lechowicz. "It’s amazing that nobody was hurt because normally what happens is, the cars come tearing off of that ramp."

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