Security to be heightened at Omegawave World Triathlon this weekend at Mission Bay

SAN DIEGO - Security will be at the forefront as a large finish line is constructed at the Bonita Cove parking lot at Mission Bay ahead of the Omegawave World Triathlon this weekend.

"It'll be in the back of my mind, especially if I think I see something suspicious," said Jan Frodeno, the gold medalist in the triathlon at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

He admits that the Boston tragedy may steal part of his thoughts but says he never seriously thought about not competing. He points out the person responsible for the bombings is aiming to create fear.

"I think if we were to sit out this event, they would have achieved their goal," said Frodeno. "We'd be scared."

Security at the event will be handed by San Diego police.

"We are changing and re-evaluating our entire safety profile," said Chuck Menke, the director of marketing and communications for USA Triathlon.

Organizers say while the security will be enhanced, they will not be revealing specifics.

Near the finish line, 10News did find trash bins and dumpsters feet away.

"Is it fair to say they will be secured?" asked 10News reporter Michael Chen.

Menke answered, "Yes, the entire venue will be secure."

Organizers are asking anyone who sees something suspicious to report it to police or staff.

Still, 10News was told a handful of competitors have made inquiries about dropping out. For everyone else -- the competition, along with their resolve -- will march on.

"We've got to stand up and say, 'No, we live in a free world and we're going to do our thing,'" said Frodeno.

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