Second Kearny Mesa night club files claim against SDPD

SAN DIEGO - A second Kearny Mesa night club has filed a claim against the San Diego Police Department, alleging officers raided it and harassed its dancers last month without cause.

The claim was filed Friday on behalf of a group of dancers from the Expose club, located at 5520 Kearny Villa Rd. It states that six SDPD officers came into Expose on the evening of March 6 and detained the dancers for about an hour without probable cause or a warrant.

“The detentions were made with arrogant and demeaning comments and demands by the police that the nearly nude women submit to photographs, including ordering the women to pose in various positions and expose body parts so that the police could ostensibly photograph their tattoos,” the complaint reads.

According to the claim, during one of the photographs, a dancer was asked by an officer to "smile.”

This follows a similar claim filed March 24 by dancers from the Cheetahs club over a raid that occurred the same night, March 6. In that case, more than two dozen dancers allege they were held against their will while officers also took revealing photos of their tattoos.

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman has defended the raids, saying that the officers were doing random inspections that night to check dancers' business permits and work cards.

Both claims were filed by attorney Dan Gilleon. Each is seeking more than $10,000 in damages.

SDPD has come under increasing scrutiny over allegations of sexual misconduct and other wrongdoing. The U.S. Department of Justice announced last month that it will conduct an independent assessment of the agency.

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