SeaWorld Skytower ride stuck for hours with passengers aboard

SAN DIEGO - Authorities say 48 people are safe after they were stranded for four hours on a stalled ride at SeaWorld San Diego.
San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokesman Lee Swanson says 46 visitors and two park employees were on the Skytower Sunday when a power failure halted the revolving, climbing capsule as it climbed the tower and left everyone about 220 feet in the air.
The park says its officials were in constant communication and the employees in the Skytower provided water and snacks to the guests.

Kim Casto was with her boyfriend and brother when an afternoon of excitement turned into a nightmare.

“Very nervous for sure,” Casto said. “I’d get to some points where I couldn't look outside.

“We just tried to stay calm and we were all like 'I can't believe this is happening to us,’” Shane Leblanc said.

Passengers told 10News the ordeal soon became agonizing because they had no access to bathrooms.

“They finally had to pull out a bucket,” Casto said.

After four hours, power was restored and the ride descended shortly before 7:30 p.m.
No injuries are reported, but Swanson says a 17-year-old boy was treated at a hospital for anxiety.
The cause of the power failure is under investigation. The ride remained closed Monday, and park officials said they do not have an estimate as to when the ride will reopen.

Passengers were given a refund and a free ticket for a return visit.

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