SeaWorld Marks Successful Penguin-Breeding Season

Thirty penguin chicks have been born at SeaWorld in San Diego since mid-November, marking this one of the most successful breeding seasons in the park's history, it was announced.

Among the penguin babies are seven macaroni penguins, six gentoo and 17 Adelies, according to SeaWorld.

Some of the chicks are being raised by their penguin parents in SeaWorld's 25-degree Penguin Encounter exhibit, while others are being hand-raised in a nursery, park officials said.

Penguin chicks weigh only a few ounces when they hatch, but quickly reach their full size -- between 8-12 pounds -- by the time they are three months old, according to SeaWorld.

Since 1980, more than 500 penguin chicks have been born at SeaWorld.

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