Sea lion wanders into Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce

Sea lion was previously rescued by SeaWorld

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. - An unusual guest greeted a receptionist at the Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce this week -- a sea lion pup that made its way into the building through the front door.

"From the other room I hear Kathy say, "Cyndy, there's a sea lion in the office,' and I was like, 'Um, OK.' I thought she was joking and then I came around the corner and was like, 'You weren't joking,'" receptionist Cynthia Fulks told 10News.

The sea lion pup wandered about 150 yards from the beach down the alley and into the Chamber of Commerce's lobby. He went from room to room and desk to desk before climbing on some boxes and looking out the front window.

"I called 911 and told the dispatcher that I had a seal in my office and she said, 'You have a what?' and I repeated I have a seal in my office and she said to me, 'Is it a live one?'" said Fulks.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department and county Animal Control officers showed up a short time later to get the sea lion and take him to SeaWorld's Rescue Center, where the pup had been before.

SeaWorld told 10News they had just released the pup on Monday after he was rescued a few months ago.

For the ladies at the chamber, it will be a day the two of them never forget.

"I've never ever had anything like this happen to me before. The little guy was so sweet and he was probably just lost and looking for a place to hide out until he felt better," said Fulks.

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