SDGE's 'Reduce Your Use' program goes into effect

Customers urged to save energy to earn bill credit


San Diego Gas & Electric's "Reduce Your Use" program will go in effect Saturday because of the extreme heat in the forecast.

Customers can get a little money off their bill if they cut back on power usage between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Under the program, customers who cut back energy use during those peak hours receive 75 cents off their bill for every kilowatt hour saved. The utility calculates a customer's power reduction by comparing it to usage during five similar days in the past, according to Allison Zaragoza of SDG&E.

One kilowatt hour in savings is roughly equivalent to getting a couple of loads of laundry done earlier in the morning or waiting until evening, Zaragoza said.

Temperatures soared into triple-digits Friday around San Diego County, setting records across the region, and could be even higher Saturday.

Customers can sign up at to be alerted when the company declares a "Reduce Your Use" day.

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