Scripps Ranch man remembers assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Home video shows moments before assassination

SAN DIEGO - As the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination approaches, a Scripps Ranch man is sharing a home video with 10News that captured the minutes before Kennedy was shot.

Just 6 feet away, using his Bell & Howell camera, Frank Marotta caught the minutes before Kennedy's assassination.

His son Louis was only in first grade but already knew his dad had captured a piece of history.

It was a painful moment in time that Frank Marotta would only share with police and would keep on the shelves for decades until he donated it to a museum in Dallas.

"My dad knew he had a terminal disease, terminal cancer and did not want this to end up on eBay," said Louis Marotta.

As the anniversary of Kennedy's assassination approaches, Marotta is sharing the video only with 10News.

It is a symbol of Marotta's late father's passion for President Kennedy, which has been passed on to him. Marotta turned a room into his personal museum dedicated to them.

On display is a replica of the camera his father used to record the footage to a picture that was given to his father – an original snapshot of Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy along the route.

Marotta almost lost the collection as the 2003 Cedar Fire reached his home, stopping right at the window, feet away from his possessions.

To avoid losing the items, just like this father, Marotta also donated the original copies to the museum.

Marotta says it gives him a sense of hope that he did his part to restore history as he remembers the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination without his father.

"I have a lot of sadness, but I also have fond memories of my dad," said Marotta. "My story is my dad's story, and that's healing for me."

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