Schools plan construction, repairs after Props 30, Z pass

Both will hike taxes to raise money for school

SAN DIEGO - San Diego schools are getting a big boost from voters, with the passing of Proposition 30 statewide and Proposition Z in San Diego.

Both will hike taxes to raise money for schools.     

Construction can continue at the Creative Performing Media Arts Magnet School.

The passage of Proposition Z means more money to build projects like a new $13 million theater.

It will also fix what is falling apart, like the ceiling in one classroom.

"The ceilings began to buckle and during rainstorms, it would pool and water would literally pour and drain directly onto all of the computers, "said Scott Thomason, the school's principal.

The school was built in the 1950s and needs new paint, new windows and asbestos removal.

However, the biggest project is providing new air conditioning units for every room.

Makeshift repairs are not cutting it. Teacher Lupe Celedon said the rooms average 100 degrees in the summer.

"It is literally so hot in here that I feel terrible for them and they really just can't learn in that environment," she said.

Also on the school's wish list is replacing gravel with soft artificial grass.

While Proposition Z will fuel construction, Proposition 30 will help pay for new learning tools such as new iPads and it will prevent teacher layoffs.

"We were going to have to implement a trigger strategy if it failed to accommodate $40 million plus coming out of our budget," said San Diego Unified Superintendent Bill Kowba. "The only way we could have done that is by shortening the school year… absolutely the wrong thing to do."

Thomason said the projects will not be finished anytime soon. He said the approval process can take up to two years.

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