San Ysidro School District board votes to keep indicted superintendent Manuel Paul

Paul accused of taking $2,500 from contractor

SAN DIEGO - The San Ysidro School District Board held a special meeting Tuesday night to discuss the future of its superintendent, Manuel Paul.

There was only one item on the agenda: to decide whether to let him continue or to fire him.

On Monday, Paul was arraigned, indicted on several felonies and misdemeanors such as bribery, filing false documents and accepting gifts.

Paul is one of 15 South Bay school officials and contractors charged with similar crimes. Last year, Paul admitted accepting $2,500 in cash from a contractor hoping to score a multi-million dollar contract with his school district.

Kristal Dominguez, a teacher in the district, told 10News, "It's his moral obligation to resign."

Carol Wallace, the president of the teacher's union, echoed that sentiment.

"I think in light of all the other things he has admitted to doing that are illegal, the board needs to ask for his resignation and if he doesn't resign, then they need to fire him," he said.

When school board members came out of their closed-session meeting, their decision stunned everyone who showed up. The board president announced they would take no action, which means they did not fire Paul.

10News reporter Itica Milanes tried to talk to the superintendent but he told her his attorney had advised him not to say anything. When Milanes tried to talk to a couple of other board members, they also refused to comment and walked in the other direction.

Paul and most of the other 14 people indicted will be back in court Jan. 30 to enter a plea.

After announcing Paul would continue as superintendent, the school board president said he would immediately schedule ethics training to help with public transparency.

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