San Diego's hard water safe to drink and may in fact be better than certain types of soft water

San Diego's tap water high in calcium, magnesium

SAN DIEGO - San Diego has hard tap water. The evidence of mineral deposits can be found on your plumbing.

If the water does that to a faucet, is it a good idea to drink it?
“I won’t drink out of the faucet, it's really kind of scary," said Ronald Seno of Mission Valley.
“You wonder about it," said Bela Kozak, who lives in downtown San Diego.
But is hard water bad for you? 
“The short answer is no," said Dr. Michelle Abbo, a Scripps Health internist. Abbo says not only is San Diego's hard water fine to drink, it's better than certain types of soft water.
“Soft water can actually contain more sodium and can be more problematic for most Americans," she said.
According to the city of San Diego, we have some of the hardest water in the country because we import most of it and it picks up minerals as it travels through rock and soil.
What exactly makes the water hard? It's generally the calcium and magnesium content. 
Water is considered soft if these minerals are at less than 75 parts per million. Moderately hard is 75 to 150. Hard is 150 to 300 and very hard is higher than 300. The city of San Diego, for example, can range from 229 to 325.
“I don't like the taste of it if it's not filtered," said Kristina Allard.
High mineral content can affect the taste. Filters can remove impurities, but not all the minerals. Abbo says that's a good thing.
“Distilled water would have the minerals removed and that is not advantageous," she said.
That's because according to Abbo, hard water provides a little dietary calcium and it has fewer unhealthy heavy metals.
Abbo adds, “Our tap water, I drink it myself."
And in case you're wondering, though it does not lather well, Abbo says hard water is not harmful to your skin either.
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