San Diego's weather forecast for Friday: A month's worth of rain, all in one day

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Forecasters say we're in for a big storm on Friday - one that will bring us the amount of rainfall we usually get in a month - all in one day.

Thursday's rainfall was just a drop in the bucket compared to what's coming.

"Everyone's going to see two to four inches of rain it looks like," said Alex Tardy, Operational Meteorologist with the National Weather Service. "And not over several days - in about a 24-hour to 36-hour period."

Add high winds to the mix and we're in for some debris blowing around, localized flooding and big surf along the coast. We might even see some water spouts in the ocean.

Here's the timeline - we'll start seeing heavy rain coming in around sunrise on Friday and it'll keep on raining hard through Saturday morning, turning to showers for the remainder of the day. The rain will taper off on Sunday.

For those who remember the monster storm we had in December of 2010 and are wondering if we're in for the same thing, the answer is probably not. Tardy said while this storm will come close, it will not be nearly as intense as the 2010 one that flooded Mission Valley beyond recognition.

However, Friday morning and afternoon commutes will likely be a mess. Forecasters are even telling folks to stay home if they can.

On Thursday, when the rain was much lighter, there were quite a few crashes on our highways -  the California Highway Patrol reported 242 (see our infographic below). There are normally around 50 to 75 crashes on a normal day with good weather. We'll see how Friday's numbers pan out.

"I have just one word to describe's tomorrow conditions - nightmare," said 10News Weather Anchor Pat Brown.

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