San Diego woman may be victim of 'knockout' game

Nami Kim says she was punched twice in face

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego woman is coming forward to say she is the latest victim of what is known as the "knockout" game. The trend of disturbing attacks involves randomly sucker punching strangers on the street.

Nami Kim is a Japanese immigrant who has lived in San Diego for five years. She calls what happened to her near the Gaslamp Quarter one of the strangest things she has ever been through.

"It's no reason," Kim said.

She said there is no reason for what happened inside a bar on 5th Avenue. Kim says she was leaving the bathroom when she hit with a single, brutal punch to the jaw.

"She punched me," Kim said. "I have no idea. I have never met them. After that, oh my God, I was so shocked, really."

Minutes later, she would get another shock. She was standing outside with her fiancé when she spotted her attacker again on the street.

"I said, 'Hey I want to take (your) picture … why'd you punch me, I asked," Kim said.

She snapped a photo of the young girl for evidence she wanted to take to police. Unbelievably, she says the girl actually posed for the photo, but it would not be the end of it. This time, her fiancé says he is a witness.

Kim, he says, was suddenly sucker punched by a second girl, someone who they had seen hanging out with her first attacker.

"It all happened very, very quick," said Kim's fiancé Jeff Haynes. "I mean, she grabbed Nami's hair and punched her right in the face and just ran off."

Kim says she suffered a swollen forehead and a chipped crown tooth as a result of the attacks.

Although the incidents occurred about three weeks ago, Kim and her fiancé are coming forward now after seeing reports of similar assaults happening around the country and the 10News story of a man assaulted in San Diego. Kim says the so-called "knockout" game now has her living in fear.

"I see three or two girls walking … I'm just like," Kim said as she pushed her hands away.

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