San Diego veteran sports announcer Josh Cox witnesses Boston Marathon explosions

SAN DIEGO - Among the 500,000 people along the Boston Marathon race route Monday was a San Diego veteran sports announcer standing at the finish line watching the celebrations when the first bomb went off.

Josh Cox arrived at the Boston Marathon finish line at 2:45 p.m. to prep for his post-race show on Universal Sports.

He said as a competitive runner himself, he knows that euphoric feeling that runners have as they cross the finish line. He said it is like celebrating your own personal Olympics.

When the first blast went off, people were deafened and stunned. As he snapped a photo of what was going on around him, the second blast went off and he knew he had to get to the rest of his crew down the street.

"It was horrible," he told 10News Anchor Kimberly Hunt. "People were on the ground. Really, hats off to the first responders. The police were on the scene in, like, 30 seconds… and I just started making my way towards the finish line and then a police officer stopped… He said, "'No, run, go that way. Everyone, that way.'"

He eventually found his colleagues, but he said it was what he saw before the race that he will never forget.

"The preview show that morning...there were 20 bomb sniffing dogs going up Boylston. I felt safe. You always do. But Boston is a place… there's so much history. The vast majority of the 27,000 that run that race… this is their own personal race. It signifies weeks and months and years of hard work and it is supposed to be a day of celebration and triumph. Unfortunately, it turned into a day of tragedy."

Cox said he is not going to allow the attack to stop him from doing what he loves. He is now in Kansas, preparing to announce the Garman Marathon as part of the World Marathon Majors.

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