San Diego students, military families feeling effects of government shutdown

Base commisaries closed, field trips canceled

SAN DIEGO - Many San Diego families and schools are feeling the effects of the federal government's partial shutdown, which is now in its second day.

On Wednesday, fourth-grade students from Francis Parker Elementary School were supposed to spend the day at the Cabrillo Monument. But because of the government's shutdown, national parks across the country were forced to close.

Teacher Annie Voight said the shutdown turned into a valuable lesson about how the government works and compromise.

Four other schools will likely have to reschedule their trips because of the park's closure.

Additionally, 10News was at the annual Salute to the Navy Luncheon in National City where several military families said they will now have to pay extra attention to their already tight budgets due to the closure of military commissaries.

Because they don't pay any taxes for grocery shopping, military veteran John Crawford said his family saves about $100 a week. Now, they'll have to shop elsewhere and see how long this government shutdown will last.


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