San Diego State apologizes after student group's death tweets aimed at New Mexico player

Messages posted on The Show's Twitter account

SAN DIEGO - San Diego State University officials are apologizing after a student group took online trash talking too far.

The incident has made national headlines after some tweets from the SDSU Aztecs student cheering section appeared to wish pain -- and even death -- on a New Mexico basketball player.

"It's shocking," said SDSU student Kayla Williams.

"I would definitely consider that an extreme comment," added SDSU student Brandon Nevarez.

It began with a photo tweeted Thursday from the hospital bed of Cullen Neal, a freshman New Mexico Lobos player and son of the head coach. Neal underwent an emergency appendectomy during the team's trip to Australia.

In response, there was a series of tweets from the account of "The Show," which is the SDSU student cheering section.

One tweet read: "fingers crossed for further infection."

Then another tweet read: "We're not saying we're rooting for the death of Cullen Neal we're just saying that we are not God and we are at peace with whatever happens."

A third and final tweet called upon the Aztec god of death, saying: "May your will be done in the life and death of Cullen Neal. Amen."

Hours later, there was an apology from SDSU, as the tweets were taken down.

"This is a time where it crossed that line and we as an athletic department aren't going to stand for that. We're not going to tolerate that," said SDSU Associate Athletic Director of Media Relations Mike May.

The student section's Twitter account later tweeted, "The individual responsible for the insensitive tweets no longer has access to our account. We hope Cullen Neal has a speedy recovery."

10News was told the person doing the tweeting was a former student.

"They took it a little far, but sports get competitive," said student Michael Wiese.

Students like Wiese say they can relate to the Aztec passion, but this crossed the line.

"No one should wish death on people," said Wiese.

The school has suspended the former student's season tickets for football and basketball season indefinitely.

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