San Diego sheriff's deputy under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration

Questions raised about possible ties to cartel

SAN DIEGO - 10News sources confirmed that a San Diego sheriff's deputy is under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration and there are questions being raised over whether he has ties to a drug cartel.

10News is not revealing his name or showing his photo because he has not been charged, but sources inside the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department say that based on the nature of the investigation, they believe the DEA is looking into whether he has connections to a drug cartel.

A source at the sheriff's department told 10News anchor Itica Milanes that detectives confiscated the deputy's cellphone, went through all of his phone numbers and are now asking other deputies why his number is in their phones.

10News called the sheriff's department for a comment and received the following statement:

"A sheriff's deputy is currently under investigation by a federal law enforcement agency. The employee is on approved leave. Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and the protection afforded by the Peace Officer Bill of Rights, no additional information can or will be provided at this time. The Sheriff's Department is cooperating fully with the investigating agency."

10News also reached out to a DEA spokeswoman with this email: "We have become aware of a DEA investigation into a San Diego County Sheriff's deputy. Our understanding is it involves a cartel. We would like to discuss any issues with our reporting this information with you."

This is the response that 10News received: "The investigation you are referring to is ongoing, therefore, there is nothing I can add."

10News has learned of several new details that we are still working to confirm and will bring you more information as we uncover it.

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