San Diego Sheriff's Department to unveil offender email notification system

SAN DIEGO - San Diego parents will have a new tool to help protect their kids from sex offenders in their neighborhood.

The San Diego Sheriff's Department will soon unveil a new program allowing San Diegans to receive automated email alerts about registered sex offenders in their communities.

Representatives with law enforcement agencies tell 10News that the new program will make it easier for parents to get information.

There's a lot of information to keep with on the California's Megan's Law website, which allows anyone to look up where a convicted sex offender lives and to see if there is an offender living in a specific neighborhood.

A quick search near Scripps Ranch High School pulls up seven names within a 2-mile radius. For example, there is Walter Bossert, convicted of lewd acts with a child under 14 years old and Ruben Garcia, Jr., convicted of rape by force.

It's a website that Fazen and his family uses often.

"We're obviously concerned about the safety of our kids," says Stephen Fazen, a Scripps Ranch resident.

Several times a year, they hop online and take a more careful look at their neighbors.

"Wish I had in on my iPhone," he says.

Not everyone as proactive as the Fazens. Many families only check the registry when they move into a neighborhood or when they decide to start a family.

"I know people who have young children, who feel like that's a good idea," says Karen Worley, also a Scripps Ranch resident. "I know that they check it, it's not something that I feel like I need to be checking on.

The Sheriff's Department's new email notification system will help people keep tabs.

If there's a change in a neighborhood, an email will be sent out.

Because of the strict rules with Megan's Law, emails will not specify what has changed.

"We've been given the opportunity to raise kids, we have to do the best we can," says Fazen. "If we have other tools that we can use to make better decisions about things, then we'll use them."

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