San Diego County Sheriff's Department launches sex offender email alert system

Alerts sent if changes reported on Megan's Law

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Sheriff's Department Wednesday unveiled a new email alert system that informs residents of registered sex offenders moving into their neighborhoods.

The Megan's Law website allows residents to look up a registered sex offender's address. However, unless a resident checks the website frequently, it is hard to know whether an offender has moved in.

"I'll definitely check the web site to see if there is anyone registered in my neighborhood," said parent Darryle Hardnett. "I would definitely want to know."

San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn told 10News some in Sacramento did not want to move forward with this because of the privacy rights of the sex offenders.

"I'm sorry, once you became an offender and I convicted you of a felony, I don't think you have that right anymore," said Horn.

"Criminal records are made public, so I don't think this is really an invasion of privacy; I think it more protects the citizens," said Hardnett.

Officials say there are more than 5,000 registered sex offenders in San Diego County.

"I believe it's a good thing, you know, just to be cognizant of what's going on in your neighborhood," said Hardnett.

The new system will send out an email alert if the Megan's Law website reports changes to a specific neighborhood.

To sign up for the alert system, visit

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