San Diego schools working to keep bullying out of classrooms

Student gun incident brings topic to forefront

SAN DIEGO - While things seemed like business as usual at Serra High School Tuesday, some students and their families are still trying to understand why a 15-year-old boy tried to bring a gun to school last week.

Don Agnas, who has a niece that attends Serra High, said, "It's weird that his first conclusion is bring a gun. Because these kids are going to bully me and I'm tired of it, instead of finding another solution."

Police said the freshman felt threatened, so he took a gun from home to confront bullies last Wednesday. The unloaded gun never made it to campus because he hid it in a canyon, and officers were able to find him and the weapon during a truancy sweep near a middle school.

Officers said the teen complained that people were picking on him, which experts say isn't rare. Experts say each year more than 13 million kids are bullied nationwide, and that's why organizations like the Anti-Defamation League reach out to schools to try and prevent that.

On Tuesday, hundreds of schools participated in a cyber-bullying conference provided by Anti_Defamation League Regional Director Tammy Gilles. She provided some insight as to why this teen may have committed this crime.

Gilles said, "This child felt he had no one to go to, didn't feel like he had an ally. What we promote all the time is that students need to feel like they have an adult, someone they can go to."

Officers found no ammunition in the boy's backpack or in his pockets, but taking a gun to school is a felony, whether it is loaded or not.

The teen was arraigned on Monday.

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