San Diego priest receives national honor: Father Joe Carroll given award in Virginia

Joe Carroll has worked for SD's poor, homeless

SAN DIEGO - San Diego priest Father Joe Carroll is at the Arlington Cemetery in Virginia Monday to receive the prestigious "Citizen Service Before Self" honor from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Each year, the surviving recipients of the Medal of Honor bestow their own awards to civilians who have made a difference to the community.

Carroll, better known as Father Joe, is being recognized for 30 years of service to San Diego's poor and homeless. Carroll created the non-profit organization Father Joe's Villages, which has become a model for the rest of the country.

He has raised millions for shelters and programs, which earned him the nickname, "The Hustler Priest."

Other award recipients include 15-year-old Marcos Ugarte of Oregon who rescued a 7-year-old boy from a burning home and Jesse Shaffer and his son, of Braithwaite, Louisiana for rescuing 120 people stranded during Hurricane Isaac.

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