San Diego pothole repair about to get major overhaul

Audit shows need for more coordinated dispatching

SAN DIEGO - A dramatic change is coming to the way potholes are fixed in San Diego.

The city has some of the worst-maintained streets in the country. A recent survey listed the San Diego as eighth from the bottom.

"It is really bad," said Sunshine Johnson, who lives in Clairemont. "If you go down the street I live on, it's constant. We have potholes being created every single moment, it feels like."

San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer ordered an audit. 

"There is vast room for improvement," he said.

The response times nearly doubled last year from eight days to 15. Also, not all the repairs held.

"We've done that before where they've come and patched it but in the next little heavy rain, all the same potholes they previously patched come right back," said resident Vince Quintana.

During the first nine months of last year, pothole repair requests were heaviest in District 6 – which is inland from Clairemont north through Mira Mesa – with 1010. 

It is closely followed by District 2 – which is the coast from Point Loma through Pacific Beach – with 927.

The rest were considerably lower. The fewest calls were from District 8 – which extends from Barrio Logan to the border – with 323.

Faulconer was most upset by travel times. 

"City crews now are going out in response to pothole complaints but while they're out there, they aren't fixing other potholes that may exist in the same area and they end up driving from one area of the city to another," he said. "That's crazy."

He said the city streets department has agreed to change dispatching procedures.

"Instead of going out to different neighborhoods in the same day, they're going to go to one neighborhood and fix all of those potholes," said Faulconer.

Improvements should be seen quickly. A review is planned in two weeks.

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