San Diego Opera performs its last scheduled show: Company's future remains uncertain

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Opera performed its last scheduled show and the company's future remains uncertain.

Sunday's matinee performance of "Don Quixote" sold out. Nearly 3,000 seats were sold, with people coming for the first time and others who have attended for years.

"I sang with the company. If there was a song to be sung, I was there to sing it," said Beverly Green, 96, who has sung in the opera since it originated.

Green was heartbroken to hear the opera could close its doors by April 29 if it does not raise $10 million.

"It's too much of a tradition and a soul food," she said. "It's something you need."

The opera's longtime director Ian Campbell recently came under fire over money management. Some say he and his wife make too much money.

Max Gozesky protested the opera holding a sign that read, "Ian and Ann resign."

"There has been too much secrecy," said Gozesky. "I think people have known what's going on."

Meanwhile, grassroots groups have stepped up to try and raise money to save the opera.

"I think it'd be a lot easier to get new management in the company that can take us into a new direction," said Michael Sparaco.

As part of a last-ditch effort, opera workers recently sang their hearts to the San Diego City Council. 

With time quickly running out, the board says it is still exploring options, including a fresh start under a new company. The board will meet again this week.

A small group of supporters also held a candlelight vigil after Sunday's performance.

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