Mayoral candidate David Alvarez says jobs, affordable housing, better roads among his top priorities

SAN DIEGO - With a little more than a month until the November special election, 10News sat down with San Diego mayoral candidate David Alvarez for an exclusive interview.

This, as the councilman opened a new campaign office and revealed to 10News some of his biggest concerns relating to San Diego.

After a few years on the council, Alvarez is hoping to extend his efforts to mayor, in hopes of making the city a better place for all.

 “I've served now on the council for the last three years and just to add to the great things we've been doing as a council for the last three years, as mayor, it will be an incredible honor,” said Alvarez.

Some of the big priorities for Alvarez -- creating jobs within the inner city, the core of San Diego and also centers of employment in the north and south of the city and investment in infrastructure.

Alvarez said he'll focus on affordable housing, which is vital for the workforce to flourish in America's Finest City.

He also wants to fix the roads citywide and build and better care for city parks and fire stations, among other things.

“Whether it's investing in our parks and our library system our roads obviously street lights out in the community, making sure that public safety is a priority. So that we have police officers and firefighters protecting our city,” said Alvarez.

Recently, Alvarez lost support from a handful of Barrio Logan community leaders to mayoral rival Nathan Fletcher.

Some in the community where he grew up felt blindsided after they say he abandoned two community plan updates he had already discussed with residents in favor of a third plan he brokered.

Alvarez though stands behind his decision, saying he did what was right for San Diego.

“Perhaps some people might not like that but it was the right thing to do it was a compromise, it insured that our jobs were protected on the waterfront and that the community was protected those who lived in that community so it's a compromise that's what leadership is all about,” said Alvarez.

"When both sides are attacking you I think it's very clear that the compromise was the right thing to do," Alvarez said.

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