San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer introduces 26-member staff

SAN DIEGO - Kevin Faulconer Thursday introduced his 26-member staff, which he said reflects the diversity that he promised during his campaign to be San Diego's mayor.

"I'm honored these outstanding and dedicated people have decided to join my administration and help achieve my vision for the city," Faulconer said. "They come from all walks of life and reflect the kaleidoscope of cultures and ethnic backgrounds that make out city such a wonderful place to live."

Local political operative Stephen Puetz is serving as chief of staff. Under him are deputy chiefs of staff Jaymie Bradford, in charge of policy; Felipe Monroig, who leads community engagement; and Matt Awbrey, who runs communications.

The staff has members who are black, Asian American, Latino, members of the gay and lesbian community and residents from all over the city, according to Faulconer.

The 26 will serve in functions like protocol, scheduling, land use and environmental policy and community representatives for designated City Council districts.

He is still looking to hire a director of bi-national affairs.

The announcement only involved mayoral staff and not the leadership of departments -- who still report to Chief Operating Officer Scott Chadwick and his three assistants COOs.

Faulconer was sworn-in on March 3, following February's runoff election victory over Councilman David Alvarez. He has more than 2 1/2 years to finish out the term of Bob Filner, who resigned in disgrace Aug. 30.

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