San Diego man murdered in Oklahoma, grandmother fights for custody of victim's child

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego mother is fighting for custody of her grandchild after her son was shot to death and dismembered in Oklahoma in August 2012, and the killer was convicted last week.

"I don't like to sleep because I don't like to wake up. It's a continuous nightmare," said Cyndi Wear, the victim's mother.

It's been almost two years since Wear's son, Brandon Duran was murdered. She says the circumstances surrounding her son's death are too disturbing to comprehend. First he was shot, then dismembered.

"They put him in a pond with several buckets," Wear told 10News.

On Thursday, Justin Hammer, the boyfriend of Duran's ex-wife, was convicted of the murder. Wear says her son's ex-wife, Amber Andrews, lured him to Oklahoma to rekindle their relationship.

Andrews has not been charged. However; investigators are looking at her as a possible suspect.

"There were several witnesses that didn't even know each other, but the common denominator in everyone's story was Amber," Wear said.

Wear has now focused her attention on getting custody of her 7-year-old grandson Brando. He lived with his father up until the murder, and stayed with Wear afterward until June 2014. Oklahoma Department of Human Services then took custody of Brando so he could be closer to his mother.

"To have your child slaughtered, like mine was, and then to reach in my family and take my grandson, too?" Wear asked.

So far, the Wear family says it has spent about $10,000 in attorney fees and has held fundraisers. They have an online "Go Fund Me" account.

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