San Diego man meets daughter he never knew he had

SAN DIEGO - Two months ago, a San Diego man found out he had a daughter, and on Friday, 10News reporter Craig Herrera was there as they met face-to-face for the first time.

All her life, Kimberley Jeffers had been trying to find her father, 70-year-old local artist Frank Rakovic. With the help of a friend and social media, father and daughter connected and have been in contact through email and phone for the past 60 days.

At Lindbergh Field Friday morning, it was with bright eyes and astonishment that Jeffers approached the man she had never met.

"Hello, baby," Rakovic said.

Jeffers replied, "I don't believe it."

Rakovic met Jeffers' mother in Chula Vista, but the two lost touch.

"I did not know that she existed … I did not know that this child existed," he told Herrera.

Rakovic found out he has four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, with one more on the way. They live in Oklahoma, just three miles from one of the massive tornadoes that hit last month.

Jeffers was looking for her father for several decades and it was Facebook that helped them meet.

"Yeah, I found him on Facebook. I had been spelling his name wrong for years and tried a different way and there it was," said Jeffers.

She sent him several "friend requests," but got no response.

She eventually reached out to one of Rakovic's Facebook friends, Bryon Kibildis.

"I said, 'oh my God.' I wanted to say, 'Frank, you got a problem,' but I didn't say that, I said, 'Frank, we [have to] look into this," said Kibildis.

Rakovic 'friended' Jeffers and they started talking on the phone. She also sent him a letter that begins: "Dear Frank, aka Professor Cool, aka my dad …"

The next letter was addressed "Hi daddy," and she signed it, "Love always and forever your daughter KJ."

For their meeting, Rakovic wore his tuxedo, a bow tie with flashing lights and a shirt Jeffers sent him from Oklahoma.

"It says, 'Who's your daddy?'" Rakovic said.


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