San Diego homeowner wants change to 911 response times

Nathan Fletcher calls for more police officers

SAN DIEGO - A local man said he and his wife waited two hours for a response after calling 911.

On Oct. 13, Greg Warren and his wife were home when a loud noise woke them up at about 4:30 a.m.

Warren noticed a man was trying to break into his home, so the couple called 911.

However, they could not believe what the dispatcher told them.

"Basically that all the units were on another call and they couldn't respond," said Warren.

The dispatcher said all units were responding to a call of a shooting near the U.S.-Mexico border in San Ysidro.

As this was happening, a stranger was banging on the Warrens' security door.  

"It went on for 20 minutes before he left, but it was several hours before we got police response in our area," Warren said.

San Diego police told 10News the average response time to a 911 call in San Diego is five minutes -- half the national average of 10 minutes, but police say that's not good enough.

"The rubberband has been stretched about as far as it's going to go, and we're starting to see the cracks in it," said Jeff Jordon, vice president of the San Diego Police Officers Association.

San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher said despite the city's low crime rate, more police officers are needed.

"We have 100 fewer officers today than we had five years ago, and we have 165 fewer civilian positions than five years ago in the police department," said Fletcher.

Warren agrees, and he is hoping for a change.

"I think we need to take action now before it gets worse," said Warren.

Under Fletcher's proposed public safety plan, funds would be redirected to hire more officers adding up to 2,000 by 2020.

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