San Diego hikers missing in San Bernardino: Men have not been seen since May 4

Volunteers on horseback searching for three men

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - Crews are continuing to search for three San Diego hikers last seen Saturday in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Ryan Shankles of Oceanside and two other men -- David Yoder and Miguel de la Torre -- started hiking the nine-mile trail up San Gorgonio Mountain Saturday morning. They were supposed to be back later that night.  

On Monday, 10News spoke with Shankles' brother, Niki Shankles-Burger, who drove up to Heart Bar Campground where search-and-rescue crews have set up a command post.

"They wanted to get physically fit because they're going to Africa on a mission's trip," Shankles-Burger said about the group's hike.

She said a fourth hiker started with them but returned after only a mile because he didn't feel up to it. He reported his friends missing that night when they didn't come back to camp.

About 60 search-and-rescue volunteers went up the mountain on horses and on foot Sunday morning. Shankles-Burger told them to look for a flag at the peak, which meant her brother made it to the top.

"He normally posts a spiritual flag and they didn't find the flag yet," she said.

Shankles-Burger told 10News she is mostly concerned about their outfits. The men weren't prepared for the nights that dip down into the 30s. She said they were only wearing shorts and T-shirts.

"They only had food for the day and a water … a canteen bottle," Shankles-Burger said.

Making matters worse, searchers can't use helicopters or planes because of thick fog on the mountain.

Still, Shankles-Burger has faith the three will be fine, mostly because her brother is leading the pack.

"My brother is more of a 'MacGyver'-type person that he's fit, not a lot of things scare him; I know he could probably live up here easily a week," Shankles-Burger said.

Shankles-Burger said the three tackled the mountain this weekend because they plan on hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro later this year during their mission trip to Africa.


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