San Diego Fleet Week to be scaled back this year

Sequester, slowdown of donations at issue

SAN DIEGO - 10News has learned San Diego Fleet Week will be scaled back this year.

"We will have a fleet week, but it will be more limited than in the past," said Alexandra Squires, the executive director of San Diego Fleet Week.

The sequester has already forced the Blue Angels to cancel their entire air show season. It will also keep the public from touring Navy ships as has been the custom for Fleet Week in the past.

The San Diego Fleet Week Foundation, a non-profit which pays for a number of events, has had to scale back because donations from corporate sponsors – mainly defense contractors – has also shrunk as they too are worried about the impact of sequestration.

"We're off 15 to 20 percent in donations, which means we can't afford to sponsor the annual golf tournament for enlisted personnel," Squire said.

Also at risk is the Coronado Speed Festival at Naval Base Coronado. It is still on the Fleet Week calendar, but its fate is still being determined.

San Francisco is considering cancelling its Fleet Week altogether. That is not going to happen in San Diego, but it will be scaled back.

"We are still planning," said Squire. "We cannot not have a Fleet Week in San Diego."

Fleet Week, which had more than 20 events over a month-long period, is slated for September 18 to 22.

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