San Diego firm Ultimate Fitness Nutrition Inc. pleads guilty

UFNI admits selling misbranded supplements

SAN DIEGO - 10News has learned a San Diego-based company pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of selling misbranded dietary supplements.

The San Diego City Attorney's Office Thursday announced Ultimate Fitness Nutrition Inc. (UFNI) pleaded guilty to selling dietary supplements containing an illegal steroid and undisclosed caffeine, selling steroids to a minor and misleading advertising.

Additionally, the company has been ordered to recall the misbranded and illegal products, as well as pay a $5,500 fine.

Officials said UFNI will have to pay restitution to a 15-year-old boy who was allegedly persuaded by an ex-UFNI worker to buy a product that claimed to boost testosterone.

A joint undercover investigation by the City Attorney's Office and FDA investigators led to charges against UFNI.

Officials said "the products tested containing undisclosed caffeine were Aspartalone, Androxybol and Mesobolin. Caffeine was not included as an ingredient listed on the label or in the list of ingredients. This omission by UFNI gave rise to the criminal allegations of misbranded and adulterated supplements under California law. The Aspartalone product also contained the illegal designer steroid Methasterone (also known as Superdol). Methasterone has been a federally controlled substance since August 2012."

"We appreciate the cooperation and assistance provided by the Food and Drug Administration's Office of Criminal Investigation during this investigation," stated City Attorney Jan Goldsmith. "The FDA and this office share the same desire to protect consumers' right to know the truth about what is contained in the products they purchase."

According to officials, UFNI conducted "retail Internet and telephone sales of dietary physical enhancement supplements ..."

UFNI claimed its products burned fat, increased strength and built muscle. UFNI has now discontinued a number of those products.

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