San Diego father demands changes after Rady Children's Hospital mistakenly releases medical records

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego father told 10News he is outraged after his child's medical record, along with the records of 20,000 other patients, was accidentally sent to strangers.

"When I heard this, I was flabbergasted," David Peck said, referring to the mistake at Rady Children's Hospital. "I don't know how else to describe my feeling at the unbelievable level of stupidity."

A spokesman for the hospital said a staff member meant to send a dummy spreadsheet to four job applicants, but she mistakenly sent real medical records. The information included patients' names, birthdates, diagnosis and when they were discharged.

Once the hospital caught the mistake, they called and sent letters to the clients who were impacted.

Peck said hospital officials told him not to worry because his child's Social Security number and address were not released.

He said, "I guess I can take some level of comfort in that, but it's my child's first, middle and last name."

Peck told 10News he wants the people responsible fired, a personal apology from the CEO of the hospital and for the hospital to get new software to ensure this never happens again.

A spokesman for the hospital told 10News they've already apologized numerous times. They will now use a commercial testing product from an outside source with no patient information.

The hospital is also stepping up security by requiring an additional level of approval before such emails can be sent and more training on patient privacy.

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