San Diego County to spend $75,000 to investigate future aerial tram

Tram would go between Balboa Park and Gaslamp

SAN DIEGO - Just call it mass transit in the sky.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved spending $75,000 on a feasibility study for an aerial tram similar to the one in Portland, Ore.

"It's going to be unique. It's going to give a unique view of the city," said Supervisor Ron Roberts, who developed the idea a few years ago. "Its primary mission would be to move people to Balboa Park to downtown and vice versa."

Roberts said he first got the idea on a trip to Singapore. He would like to see it shuttle thousands of people a day. It could also be a tourist attraction.

"The fact that it could be fun and the fact that tourists would like to use it as well as residents just adds to the chances of success," he said.

The feasibility study will look into where the tram would go, who would ride it and how much it would cost.

Roberts said cost is not as astronomical as one would expect.

"I know, just by looking at an aerial tram," he said. "That the cost per mile is probably the most efficient system you can come up with."

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