San Diego County students sharing dirty little secrets on Twitter page

SAN DIEGO - A viewer informed 10News of a Twitter page devoted exclusively to schools in San Diego County with tweets that she found disturbing.

Students are using the Twitter page @sdschoolconfess to air some dirty little secrets about their schools, classmates and teachers.

One tweet 10News found said: "A male teacher once told me to close my legs because I was tempting him. WE WEAR SKIRTS."

Many of the tweets on @sdschoolconfess are enough to make any adult blush, but the words appear to be coming straight from the fingertips of teenagers around the county.

Are they dirty little secrets or pure fabrication? It's hard to know for sure, so 10News reached out to some of the users.

10News contacted the teen who wrote this tweet: "Our security guard buys the girls alcohol." She said she was only kidding.

Another tweet read: "Last year before graduating I had an affair with a teacher and everyone knew about it."

10News reporter Itica Milanes contacted a few students from that school, and they said that tweet is true. 10News was not able to reach school administrators to ask them about it.

Michael Green's son attends San Diego High School. He said he never heard of this Twitter page and was shocked at what kids are talking about on it.

"Yeah, that's ... eye opening," he said. "It should be investigated, I guess, as far as what's true and what's not."

10News found other tweets on @sdschoolconfess that were racially insensitive, including this tweet: "We have an high percentage of Asians, the only reason we have high test scores."

Many of the tweets speak about drugs on campus, including these tweets:

-- "I rolled a blunt in front of summer school teacher and later that day he matched one with me."
-- "Our future soldiers deal coke out of lockers."

Dasia Dunn, a senior at Lincoln High School said, "I don't think it's real, I think it's pretty fake. I think kids just make them up to make their school seem a little bit cooler than the next kid's school."

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